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Bazaruto Archipelago Mozambique

FUN, SEA AND SUN FOR THE PERFECT ISLAND HOLIDAY...   A Mozambique island holiday in the Bazaruto Archipelago is the best African break you will ever experience. Find the home of the rare Dugong, sea horses, Manta rays and Whale sharks in the warm Indian Ocean waters around Bazaruto Island, Benguerra Island, Magaruque Island and Santa Carolina (or Paradise) Island. Accessible via Vilankulo port and town, these idyllic islands promise holidays full of fun, sea and sun.

Bazaruto Island’s Blissful Beaches

Bazaruto Island is the most important island within the Bazaruto Archipelago and Bazaruto National Park. Only 35km x 7km, it is a little piece of paradise, unquestionably a beautiful and unexplored destination, characterized by its wildlife, azure waters and heavenly beaches.

Benguerra Island for Fab Fishing

Visit Benguerra Island to learn more about fishing and diving than the average traveller. Honeymooners, families and general travellers won’t want to leave the island once they arrive. The 55km long island broke away from the mainland thousands of years ago.

Magaruque Island Magic

Exclusive and private, Magaruque Island is tiny, reaching only 1.6km long and 1.4km wide. Visitors to the sumptuous villas will have the island to themselves as they appreciate the stunning scenery around them.

Legendary Santa Carolina

Santa Carolina Island – or Paradise Island – is tiny and the smallest one of the five islands making up the Mozambique Bazaruto Archipelago. Only a 40-minute walk around the entire rocky isle (2 miles by 0.3 miles) takes visitors to three beaches, deep channels and close coral reefs. Legends and history whisper from the shores of Santa Carolina.