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Bazaruto Archipelago Diving

World Heritage Site & National Park

Kilometres of pristine beaches and coral reefs in a World Heritage Site and National Park stretching some 1 400 square kilometres! Divers go down from 12 metres to 40 metres to see game fish, giant lobster, Spotted Eagle rays, Green turtles and Humpback whales.

Enormous Whale Sharks

Imagine diving these crystal clear waters with the world’s largest fish? Seemingly inquisitive about people and mostly seen near the surface of the water Whale sharks suck in tiny plankton and small fish. Swimming with these huge fish is safe and awe-inspiring.

Nosy Rays

Both Manta and Mobula rays are harmless and very nosy around divers. Manta rays often surface to investigate boats with engines off and sometimes even leap completely out of the water. It is important to remember not to touch the rays as this will damage their mucus membrane, causing lesions and infections on their skin.

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