Safe Horses and Magical Trails

Horses are carefully selected and outrides cater for novices and experienced riders alike.  You can choose to go for an early morning or late afternoon exploration of the island's forests and sand dunes, or experience a breath-taking beach ride along the sandy shores. Saddle up and grab hold of the reins.... there is nothing quite like experiencing the picture-perfect scenery of Bazaruto Island on horseback.

Ride a Spiritual Animal

Seeing the Bazaruto Archipelago this way, in the great outdoors and on the back of a very spiritual animal, is unforgettable. Ride away from it all, trotting inland to the freshwater lakes to look for crocodiles. Take photographs all along the way – of towering sand dunes, pink flamingos and infinite white sands.

Stunning Animals and Tours 

Lodges at the island resorts offer a range of both docile and more spirited horses - to suit everyone’s abilities and temperaments. The horses are well-loved and a combination of Thoroughbreds, Arabs and South African Boerperds. If you decide to take the outride to the fishing village you can meet the local chief and try some traditional food. Enjoy the ride back through tall coconut trees. This will take up most of your morning.

Just You and Your Mount

Picture yourself trotting along a grassy track surrounded by indigenous shrubs, birds flitting overhead. You are on a horse, the clear blue sea is your backdrop, tall sand dunes your foreground. You are having the time of your life, on Benguerra or Bazaruto Islands, havens of serenity and perfect white beaches. Leave only your round scuffed horse prints! 

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