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Bazaruto Archipelago Islands


Bazaruto IslandBazaruto Island is the largest in the Bazaruto Archipelago and the name literally means ‘Island of the Mist’. This magical isle stretches 35 kilometres and is seven kilometres wide. Long sandy beaches, the warm, south-flowing Mozambique current and incredible sea life are all inter-linked. Fishermen will be fascinated by the diverse pelagic species close to the shore and divers will want to dive deep to find giant lobster, sharks, manta and spotted eagle rays, green turtles, whale sharks and humpback whales. Read More...


Benguerra Island Aerial ViewBenguerra Island in Mozambique measures 55 kilometres long and seems to drift in the Indian Ocean some 14 kilometres off shore, since it broke away from the mainland thousands of years ago. Tourists can get close to the diverse forest, savannah, fresh water lakes and wetland eco systems which sustain a variety of wild animals and plants. Walks, drives, fishing excursions and diving adventures attract people from all over the world, not to mention the lovely sunny weather. The second largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago, Benguerra is a great place to ride a horse. Read More...


Magaruque IslandWith only one romantic villa to accommodate guests who want privacy and serenity, Magaruque Island is small and beautiful. Close to the port of Vilankulo, it is only 1.6 kilometres long and 1.4 kilometres wide. A deep water channel runs in front of the villas where snorkelling is convenient and rewarding. Fishermen in particular will enjoy the 2 000 or so different fish species around the island, including Marlin and Sail Fish.  Widespread tidal flats on the landward side create a mosaic of sapphire, indigo and aquamarine with the tides. A great place for a honeymoon! Read More...

Santa Carolina (Paradise Island):

Santa CarolinaSanta Carolina Island is a short 40 minute walk in circumference - the smallest of the Bazaruto Archipelago islands, and the closest to the Mozambique mainland. Protected from the ocean by a ring of three coral reefs, it is a real rock island with deep channels, three stunning beaches and coral reefs close in to shore. Santa Carolina used to be a prison colony during the Second World War - apparently for Italian prisoners. Today the island offers no accommodation but is covered in tall pine and palms trees which shade the ruins of the once famous and very popular Santa Carolina Hotel. Read More...


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